Meetings will be held in the Forsyth and Ellis room behind the registration desk.

Monday 22 April

Arrival and check-in

Tuesday 23 April

8:00 - 9:00amWorking Breakfast: Discussion topic- News and Trends at DOE
9:10-10:00A View from ASCR, Margaret Lentz
10:15-11:45Site Reports- Moderator: Dave Pugmire
10:15-10:30ANL, Joe Insley
10:30-10:45INL, Nathan Woods
10:45-11:00LANL, John Patchett
11:15-11:30LLNL, Cyrus Harrison
11:30-11:45NCSA, Rob Sisneros
11:45-1:15Working Lunch: Discussion Topic- Next Gen HPC Hardware
1:15-2:00Site Reports- Moderator: Rob Sisneros
1:15-1:30NREL, Kenny Gruchalla
1:30-1:45ORNL, Dave Pugmire
1:45-2:00SNL, Mark Bolstad
1:45-2:00DOD DAAC, Vu Tran
2:15-2:30UTK, Jian Huang
2:30-3:10Software Updates- Moderator: Ken Moreland
2:30-2:50ParaView, Mark Bolstad
2:50-3:10VisIt, Justin Privitera
3:10-3:30Break with nummies
3:30-4:50Software Updates- Moderator: Joe Insley
3:30-3:50ADIOS, Dave Pugmire
3:50-4:10VTK-m, Ken Moreland
4:10-4:30Ascent and Conduit, Nicole Marsaglia
4:30-4:50Cinema, Ollie Lo
4:50-5:00Closing Remarks

Wednesday 24 April

8:00-9:00Working Breakfast: Discussion Topic- Visualization and AI
9:00-11:15Vendor Updates- Moderator: Nathan Woods
9:00-9:30Trame for Web-based 3D Visualization, Updates and Roadmap, Kitware
9:30-10:00Fast Methods for External Face Extraction from Meshes, Kitware
10:00-10:15Kitware Discussion
10:30-11:00Portable, Scalable and Beautiful Rendering with ANARI, Jeff Amstutz
11:00-11:15NVIDIA Discussion
11:15-11:45Research Talks- Moderator: John Patchett
11:15-11:45Uncertainity Visualization and Implementation in ParaView, Tushar Athawale and Jay Wang
11:45-1:00Working Lunch: Visualization and AI (continued)
1:00-3:00Research Talks- Moderator: Cyrus Harrison
1:00-1:30Accelerating In-Situ Gaussian Process Predictions via Neural Training for HPC, Ayan Biswas
1:30-2:00Visualization as a Service, Jian Huang
2:00-2:30He Won’t Stop Talking about NOODLES, Nicholas Brunhart-Lupo
2:30-3:00Bidirectional In Situ Analysis and Visualization Using ASCENT, Victor Mateevitsi
3:00-3:15Break with nummies
3:15-5:00Savannah College of Arts and Design Museum of Art, 601 Turner Blvd
3:15-3:30Walk to SCAD (from Lobby)
3:30-5:00SCAD Art Museum Tour

Thursday 25 April

8:00-9:00Working Breakfast: Discussion Topic- Recruitment and mentoring of new staff
9:00-10:00Research Talks- Moderator: Kenny Gruchalla
9:00-9:30Researchable Archives for Interactive Visualizations, Rob Sisneros
9:30-10:00Building web-based applications to explore hydropower and bioenergy data, Erik Schmidt
10:15-11:45Panel: Perspectives, Suggestions and Experiences of DOE Early Career Staff
10:15-10:30Panelist introductions
10:30-11:30Panel Discussion
11:40-11:45Final thoughts and announcement of DOECGF 2025
11:45-1:15Working Lunch: Discussion Topic- Planning and suggestions for 2025

Discussion questions for panel: